Konzeption, Produktion und Ausstellung
23.07.2010 - 29.07.2010


Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm Pavillion
Panoramastr. 1 Berlin

urbikon Verantwortliche
Jan Bovelet,


Konzept und Bau mit Miodrag Kuc im Rahmen von theanxiousprop Case 2.
Kamera: Stephan und Christoph Hartmann track n field
Schnitt: Julia Kloiber
Audio: Anatol Sirous

Wrecking Pendulum [Constructing Deconstruction]

As an object that has been constructed to be destroyed, Wrecking Pendulum contains complex geometrical patterns in the prototyping and digital fabrication phase and is constituted by its performative character rooted in the idea of the prop in theater and film. Questioning production of space through the idea of producing site-specific knowledge, the project asked for the incorporation of cultural memory and existing social landscape at Alexanderplatz as crucial factors in the formation of the new, as opposed to top-down imposed and economic driven urban morphologies.

In co-opearation with video artists Julia Kloiber and Christoph and Stephan Hartmann from trackNfield and audio artist Anatol Sirous the analytical visual documentation of the temporal exhibition project was developed into a small new project of its own.


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