29.7.2010, 19:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr


Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm Pavillion
Panoramastr. 1 Berlin



urbikon verantwortlich
Lola Meyer, Jan Bovelet,


Luis Berríos-Negrón, Morgan Berenguer, Mendel Heit, Vladimir Karaleev, Miodrag Kuç, The Product, TRACKnFIELD, Leah Whitman-Salkin, Sarah Elizabeth Witt

The Anxious Prop, First Edition

The Anxious Prop is a communal effort conceived by Luis Berríos-Negrón with a group of Berlin-based practitioners. These efforts have materialized in three parts: ongoing discussions, exhibition/actions (Alexanderplatz being the first public arm of this), and sporadic publications. That which is common among the group is its desire to enjoy work considering two parameters:

1. We are not in the business of assigning values and/or meanings to existing, ready made objects. We are in the labor of fabrication, of producing epistemic forms, shapes and figures that are deeply committed to alternative, preferably digital fabrication, techniques;

2. That these forms, shapes and figures have the quality, the disposition to be activated, meaning that along with the fabrication, there needs to be a simultaneous, aggressive awareness of what the performative dimension of it is, i.e. what kind of mechanism needs to be designed for it to be nothing but challenge the conventions of "prop." Alexanderplatz serves as the site for the group's first physical exploration of the term-a decentralization, or eccentric search for our postcapitalist selves in the form a multiplicity of spherical studies, shunning away from the finished work or nostalgia for democratic constructs and the illusion of justice ebbing from fruition.



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